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Like you, Nicolette has lived the turbulent journey of being a creative entrepreneur.

Her fear of the possibility of failure, chaotic energy levels, feelings of powerlessness, mental blockages, self-doubt plus self-sabotaging responses to daily wins and challenges have all accompanied her journey to success.

And they can all take their toll … but only if you let them. That’s what Nicolette learnt and so can you.

  • How different would your life be if you could see your defined success as an inner process rather than about acquisitions?

  • What if your success was about everything you do because of everything you are?

Remember that the way you think and the choices you make are determined by what and who you are.

Albert Einstein, synonymous with genius and creativity reminds us of this when he said,

Be creative, but make sure that what you create is not a curse for mankind.

Working with Nicolette

Working with Nicolette brings your greatness and uniqueness to light.

As a Master Coach/Mind and Body Consultant, Nicolette offers the support that she believes is presently neglected within the creative industry; an impartial ear and a non-judgmental ally who only has the creative’s best interest at heart.

Presently this role can be seen quietly integrated into many management roles within the creative industry such as Producer, Creative Director, Personal Manager, Artistic Director or faculty teacher/lecturer.

By advocating positive mental health and creating a designated role for mind management, creative institutions and influencers can help to lead the way and reduce the stigma attached to seeking mental support within the creative industry.

By integrating pastoral care and development of the creative individual into another role this unfortunately moves the mental health stigma further away from change.

All minds require management and the creative mind is absolutely no exception.

Nicolette is extremely passionate about this and as a Master Coach/Mind and Body Consultant she:

  • Assists the creative client in making sense of all the ‘stuff’ that clouds their daily judgment and prevents them from making trusted decisions whether professional or personal

  • Asks powerful questions that get to the core of the issue, challenges limited beliefs and offers a safe space to explore unclear thoughts and emotions.

  • Never advises

  • Always invites space for the creative client to come to their own conclusion

  • Remains impartial and unattached to all outcomes

Nicolette’s belief is that personal success is about the present moment rather than the acquisition of goals. This approach allows for flexibility and the ability to think from a place of acceptance rather than a place of grasping and striving.

Ways to Work with Nicolette

Nicolette’s coaching or consulting work can be:

  • one-one

  • in person

  • 0ver the phone

  • with groups

  • on set

  • in the rehearsal space or/and/during/after a scheduled event

  • as part of an institution/organisation

Together with Nicolette, the creative client can:

  • Strategize

  • Find clarity with intention

  • Implement powerful tools for action or/and change

  • Develop future plans

  • Overcome mental limitations for new ways of being and powerful outcomes

  • Find a physical place of ease from which to excel from

Essentially, coaching with Nicolette allows the client to:

  • Determine who they are

  • Determine what they want

  • Determine what they stand for

  • Determine how they contribute to society

  • Determine who they wish to bring into their communities

  • Determine their why

No two client settings or briefs are the same however the intention is always very clear:

A person-centred approach that is open to the needs of the client

and focused on the present moment

Nicolette’s mission is to shift the way mental health is viewed within the creative industry so that the minds of each creative is respected, valued and appreciated by those they create with.

Nicolette offers powerful, professional and insightful coaching that is not only an investment for the client but also a partnership with the coach.

It is this dedicated and passionate approach that makes Nicolette the ‘go-to’ coach for creative entrepreneurs allowing her to deliver a coaching service built on excellence, trust and a commitment to achieving positive results.

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