Rose Kourie, Occupational Therapist

Working with Nicolette has given me focus and clarity in my work as a newly qualified  Occupational Therapist working independently within the field of Mental Health in the Workplace. Nicolette is professional in her approach but also very kind, generous, witty, 100% approachable.

Having never worked with a Coach before I was unsure of what to expect. It turns out my biggest obstacle wasn't finding new clients or having the perfect business plan.

It was fear! We did some interesting work in this area which was a real turning point for me.

My feet haven't touched the ground since working with Nicolette. I've been leading more workshops, I've joined a Speakers Club, and I'm soon to qualify as an Action Learning Set facilitator, something I would never have considered before.

Nicolette was well worth every penny and I aim to work with her in the future.

 Rose Kourie, Occupational Therapist

Rose Kourie, Occupational Therapist

 Julia Cheng, Creative Director / Dance Artist

Julia Cheng, Creative Director / Dance Artist

Julia Cheng -  Creative Director / Dance Artist

During my time with Nicolette as my Master Coach/Body and Mind Consultant I have benefited extremely from recovery during a traumatic injury in between high pressured projects as a performer/choreographer.

Notably during my performance days, Nicolette’s approaches to my well-being have been extremely well thought out and tailored specifically to my needs having astonishing outcomes.

Physically, she prepared my body through a series of processes and exercises to open up joints and release tension so I could perform at optimal level.

Mentally, I felt very supported and prepared to focus on what was required systematically in the lead up to and during my performances.  The after-care was so important for recovery and really beneficial.

One must definitely experience to truly understand the positive impacts because there are so many layers, tools and varieties in Nicolette's coaching/consultancy.

I think performers and dancers in particular would extremely benefit from having a person like Nicolette as a Master Coach/Body & Mind Consultant.

We exert so much energy in our artistic processes that we need a high level of sensitivity, attention to detail and genuine care. I can highly recommend Nicolette’s unique Embodied Entrepreneur approach. 

Zoe Evans, Executive Assistant

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Now that I have come to the end of my coaching I can reflect back on what this process has taught me. 

I had thought about coaching for a number of years but was concerned about finding the right coach. Nicolette has a very calming influence and is easy to talk to. She listened to what resonated with me. I mentioned I was task driven and she always ensured that we set tasks at the end of each session which really helped keep me motivated.

I have learnt so much about myself and pushed my boundaries which has helped me to grow considerably. I was totally stuck and didn’t know what direction to take however I now have a clear vision on what I want for my future and how I’m going to work towards getting there. 

I am presently in talks with a company in the industry I want to work in about a new role I never dreamed I would be in a position to apply for.

The experience has been really motivating and shown me how looking at things in a different way can make such an impact on your life. Coaching with Nicolette has really turned things around for me and she has a real talent at asking the right questions. 

Overall it has been a fantastic experience. I will definitely be recommending coaching with Nicolette to my friends and colleagues.