Group Coaching

Lisa Cummings, Gather

June 2018

 Lisa Cummings

Lisa Cummings

Nicolette hosted a beautiful introductory group coaching workshop for Gather that focused on establishing a set of unique values as a framework for personal development.

Our gathering of women really benefited from her ability to ask thought provoking questions whilst providing a good balance of space and dialogue to explore our answers both collectively and personally. Nicolette’s dedication and passion for seeing women flourish in their own lives was evident in the energy and encouragement she brought to our wellbeing day.

The success of the day manifested in the personal discoveries and adjusted mindsets of each of our attendees.

I hope to work with Nicolette again in the near future - both personally and with Gather!


Mindshare, London

June 2018

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On 7th June, Mindshare UK hosted our first ever Mindshare Balance morning where we focused on the health and wellbeing of our 500 strong employee base.

While looking for inspirational speakers to attend our event, we were connected with Nicolette, founder of Embodied Entrepreneur. After speaking with her, it was clear that she was indeed a powerful woman, a leader in the health and wellbeing industry and above all, passionate about what she does.

Nicolette hosted one of our key sessions ‘Powerful Mind, Powerful Business’ in which she described the impact towards a thriving business that positive mental health has.

Those who attended left feeling highly energised and empowered, ready to take on new challenges and maximise the impact they can have in our organisation.

It was a pleasure working with and meeting Nicolette – thank you for being here and we look forward to seeing what the Embodied Entrepreneur does next!


Yoga Holiday, Turkey

June 2018

 Jo Kay, PA and Project Manager

Jo Kay, PA and Project Manager


Jo Kay, PA and Project Manager

It's been a wonderful week having Nicolette guide me through my yoga practice morning and evening for a second year in Grenadine Lodge, Turkey.

Nicolette creates a safe space where I was able to express myself and deepen my practice. 

She is full of loving energy and creates an inspirational environment within the yoga shala.

I highly recommend her yoga retreats.

 Viv Proctor, PMO

Viv Proctor, PMO








Viv Proctor, Project Management Office (PMO)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my yoga practice with Nicolette at Grenadine Lodge, Turkey. It's a wonderful space to practice in.

Nicolette was inspiring and very knowledgeable in providing safe and progressive classes throughout the week.

 Helen Billington, Manager

Helen Billington, Manager

 Lucy Thomas, Student and Yoga Teacher

Lucy Thomas, Student and Yoga Teacher









Helen Billington, Manager preparing for retirement

The yoga with Nicolette was nourishing and nurturing for both body and soul.

I felt empowered, particularly to use my voice confidently to express myself and grow.










Lucy Thomas, Student and Yoga Teacher

Nicolette teaches with knowledge, precision and kindness. Her observation and engagement with each individuals needs and ability makes every class personal and nurturing. 

Her passion is infectious. Being guided by Nicolette is empowering and above all an absolute pleasure. 







 Judy Humphries, Pilates and Yoga Teacher

Judy Humphries, Pilates and Yoga Teacher



Judy Humphries, Pilates and Yoga Teacher

Having experienced many yoga teachers over the years, Nicolette hits the nail on the head with her precise, clear, knowledgeable and compassionate teaching.

Classes are varied and taught at a pace suitable for all levels. Pranayama, asana, nidra, meditation and chakra are all included along with readings of words of wisdom and beauty.

I must mention the music - fantastic!

This is a teacher needed to be sought out amongst the many on the market at present.


 Barbara Karakus, Support Worker

Barbara Karakus, Support Worker




Barbara Karakus, Support Worker

Nicolette is such a beautiful person and the most talented Senior Yoga Teacher I have known. 

During the retreat, Nicolette took me on a journey through the chakras and it taught me about self acceptance. I am now able to accept with grace whatever is coming: my abilities and inabilities; my body and wandering mind; my relationships; my past and the present moment.

Coming to the classes every morning and evening grounded me.

I am also admiring Nicolette's skills and abilities to demonstrate and explain asanas. Nicolette's body is the best model to demonstrate asanas as it is strong and perfectly fit as a result of long years of self practice and development. 

The compassion, kindness and love that Nicolette is spreading around is so real and present.

Private Coaching

Sharon Carberry, Office Manager

July 2018

Sharon Carberry Profile Pic.jpg

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicolette for over 5 years having attended many of her yoga classes and benefitted from her workshops, yoga holidays and coaching.

Having felt somewhat out of balance recently, Nicolette was my first port of call for 1:1 yoga/coaching sessions which have not only left me feeling energised, but have also had a positive effect of my mind-body health and well-being enabling me to find clarity and generally get me back to me.

Nicolette is a fantastic teacher and coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve balance, find clarity and re-focus whether engaging in yoga, coaching or both!

Tevec Ibrahim, Professional Belly Dancer and Belly Dance Teacher

May 2018

Tevec Ibrahim profile pic

Nicolette is a lovely and genuine person who makes you realise your full potential in manageable and realistic ways.

She is easy to talk to and doesn't judge but easily identifies your 'blockers'.

She truly wants you to succeed and be the best version of yourself.

Thank you Nicolette.











Suzanne Tanguay, Project Manager

April 2018

 Suzanne Tanguay, Project Manager

Suzanne Tanguay, Project Manager

During my coaching sessions with Nicolette I gained clarity on my values and strengths plus realising the fact that I always have a choice. 

I now feel able to speak up for myself more and recognise MY role in situations.

I've been able to let go of my belief that it's important what people think about me and feel confident enough now to stop living in the past.






Joe Thomas, Musical Theatre Student at Arts Ed, Chiswick

April 2018

 Joe Thomas, Musical Theatre Student

Joe Thomas, Musical Theatre Student

I was nervous at first about beginning the coaching sessions with Nicolette but from the first time I spoke with Nicolette, I was instantly put at ease and was made to feel very comfortable.

I was lucky enough to have 6 sessions with Nicolette and every session was different. I was given many resources to aid in each session and in the time between the sessions.

Even when the session had ended, there was always something to think about, listen to, watch, read or do to prepare for the next session. These have really helped, not only in the sessions but moving forward after my time with Nicolette.

I would urge anyone who is thinking about having coaching sessions with Nicolette to take the leap and go for it! It will change your life for the better!

Rose Kourie, Occupational Therapist

August 2017

 Rose Kourie, Occupational Therapist

Rose Kourie, Occupational Therapist


Working with Nicolette has given me focus and clarity in my work as a newly qualified  Occupational Therapist working independently within the field of Mental Health in the Workplace. Nicolette is professional in her approach but also very kind, generous, witty, 100% approachable.

Having never worked with a Coach before I was unsure of what to expect. It turns out my biggest obstacle wasn't finding new clients or having the perfect business plan.

It was fear! We did some interesting work in this area which was a real turning point for me.

My feet haven't touched the ground since working with Nicolette. I've been leading more workshops, I've joined a Speakers' Club, and I'm soon to qualify as an Action Learning Set facilitator, something I would never have considered before.

Nicolette was well worth every penny and I aim to work with her in the future.

Rose Kourie Update

Email Received May 2018

I wanted to let you know that today I gave my first lunchtime talk. 50 minutes to 45 staff members at Wilkinson Eyre. Subject: Stress Management. And I enjoyed it!

I have you to thank for all the 'behind the scene' stuff that has led me to this point.

- for encouraging me to join a Speakers' Club (gave my first talk a couple of weeks ago:).

- for introducing me to Insight Timer (currently on 54 consecutive days AND I led my first meditation today).

- for exploring my fears with me; to look at fear in a scientific and objective manner; for helping me take the fear out of fear.

- the value in being prepared!

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Xx xx xx

Julia Cheng -  Creative Director / Dance Artist

September 2017

 Julia Cheng, Creative Director / Dance Artist

Julia Cheng, Creative Director / Dance Artist

During my time with Nicolette as my Master Coach/Body and Mind Consultant I have benefited extremely from recovery during a traumatic injury in between high pressured projects as a performer/choreographer.

Notably during my performance days, Nicolette’s approaches to my well-being have been extremely well thought out and tailored specifically to my needs having astonishing outcomes.

Physically, she prepared my body through a series of processes and exercises to open up joints and release tension so I could perform at optimal level.

Mentally, I felt very supported and prepared to focus on what was required systematically in the lead up to and during my performances.  The after-care was so important for recovery and really beneficial.

One must definitely experience to truly understand the positive impacts because there are so many layers, tools and varieties in Nicolette's coaching/consultancy.

I think performers and dancers in particular would extremely benefit from having a person like Nicolette as a Master Coach/Body & Mind Consultant.

We exert so much energy in our artistic processes that we need a high level of sensitivity, attention to detail and genuine care. I can highly recommend Nicolette’s unique Embodied Entrepreneur approach. 


Dannie-Lu Carr, Creativity & Personal Impact Specialist, Author and Creative Practitioner

April 2016

Danni-Lu Carr profile pic

I worked with Nicolette for several sessions when I was in a very stressful period of my life and work. She completely held the space safely for me and was intuitive at asking the questions that took me very quickly to the centre of what was going on for me. 

This created clarity and I was very quickly able to think more rationally which positively impacted both my personal and professional worlds. It enabled me to make some very important decisions in terms of the right directions to take and my creativity soared as a result.

Nicolette is kind, strong and confident, with a real gift for working with women entrepreneurs and creatives as she understands us completely. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Zoe Evans, Executive Assistant

March 2016

EE logo no background.png

Now that I have come to the end of my coaching I can reflect back on what this process has taught me. 

I had thought about coaching for a number of years but was concerned about finding the right coach. Nicolette has a very calming influence and is easy to talk to. She listened to what resonated with me. I mentioned I was task driven and she always ensured that we set tasks at the end of each session which really helped keep me motivated.

I have learnt so much about myself and pushed my boundaries which has helped me to grow considerably. I was totally stuck and didn’t know what direction to take however I now have a clear vision on what I want for my future and how I’m going to work towards getting there. 

I am presently in talks with a company in the industry I want to work in about a new role I never dreamed I would be in a position to apply for.

The experience has been really motivating and shown me how looking at things in a different way can make such an impact on your life. Coaching with Nicolette has really turned things around for me and she has a real talent at asking the right questions. 

Overall it has been a fantastic experience. I will definitely be recommending coaching with Nicolette to my friends and colleagues.

Zoe Evans Update

Yoga Retreat, Dalyan, Turkey

June 2018

I arrived exhausted and in need of rest. My body felt like it was starting to give up on me but I am leaving here restored back to health in body and mind.

My body is healing, my mind is clear and I have an overall sense of calmness. The yoga and meditation with Nicolette has given me everything I needed and I will be using so much of what I have learned this week when I get back home.

Thank you - it was just what I needed!


Samantha Spurgin, Actor

February 2016

 Sam Spurgin, Actor

Sam Spurgin, Actor


Nicolette’s work has had such an incredible effect on my life. Her sessions are gentle, open and full of care...I felt I was in the hands of a professional and genuine practitioner.

Since working with Nicolette I’ve addressed and resolved issues which have bothered me and held me back my whole life. I’m so very grateful for the freedom this has given me to go and live with a positive and joyful mindset which ultimately has made me more comfortable, happy and successful especially in my acting career.

I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.