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Mind Your Business is the new radio show produced and presented by Nicolette Wilson-Clarke on Wandsworth Radio every Friday starting 2 March 2018 from 2-3pm.

It is a lively and inspiring radio show that celebrates women entrepreneurs in Wandsworth and beyond. Nicolette explores live on air everyday challenges that prevent women entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential and offers easy to implement solutions inviting women entrepreneurs and professional experts from Wandsworth and further afield to share their experiences and knowledge.

The show's main objective is to create a space where women entrepreneurs realise they're not alone in their daily challenges of running a business and navigating through life and that there are solutions being implemented every day by fellow women entrepreneurs resulting in positive outcomes.

The biggest challenge in life we have as human beings is understanding the intricate workings of the mind and so Mind Your Business intends to unravel the 'why' of our behaviours and offer the 'how' to solutions. Women entrepreneurs are no exception to this and so it doesn't matter whether the challenge is to do with the business or with another external force, the solution will ALWAYS be to start with the woman herself and her thoughts.

Each month Nicolette will address a particular theme that causes a challenge to women entrepreneurs. On the first Friday of each month, she will unravel the theme and then for the remainder of the month, invited women entrepreneurs or monthly theme experts will either share their experiences or offer tried and tested solutions.

In the month of May she'll be exploring SELF EXPRESSION and the ability to articulate through words, body, writing or energy effectively finding fulfilment from within and by honouring herself with ease and grace.

Join Nicolette every Friday from 2pm - 3pm on Wandsworth Radio. Scroll down to listen to past shows and find show notes here.

Please note that Nicolette will be away in May and June on the following dates.

Show Away Dates

Friday 18 May 2018 / Friday 25 May 2018 / Friday 15 June 2018 / Friday 22 June 2018 / Friday 29 June 2018

If you would like to either contribute to the show as a guest or an expert, please email Nicolette at myb@embodiedentrepreneur.co.uk.

Join Nicolette on Friday 1 June for another Mind Your Business Show on Self Expression.

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