Aspiring Creative

The Aspiring Creative

If you’re working a job to support your creative life or if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a professional creative, working with Nicolette can assist you in overcoming your emotional barriers so that you can powerfully and strategically transition closer to your dream career.

Together you will:

  • Determine obstacles preventing you from realising your vision and create the right solutions for you

  • Master and conquer the negative emotions holding you back from changing your present situation

  • Understand fear, develop courage and build the strategy to change job or career

  • Learn to CREATE a job you love

  • Build a creative life that’s based on strong self-worth and incorporates authentic self-expression

  • Create alignment between life and passion

  • Gain the confidence to truly express yourself and become a fully expressed creative

What Suzanne Tanguay, Aspiring Creative says about working with Nicolette…

I was working at a corporate job that was misaligned with my values and it was taking a huge emotional toll.

I was struggling with self pity, fear, frustration, negative beliefs and regret.

After working with Nicolette, I gained the courage and a strategy to leave my job and start a new career as a creative and a coach.
— Suzanne Tanguay, Aspiring Creative

Established Creative

The Established Creative

You’ve already found success as a working creative but you’ve presently reached a plateau. Transitioning to the next level keeps eluding you.

Working with Nicolette can support your movement past the emotional blockages preventing you from reaching your vision.

Together you will:

  • Re-connect with ‘who’ you are through purpose and value exploration for clarity of your creative vision

  • Re-kindle your creative passions and re-discover the ‘why’ for what you do

  • Learn to master your emotional well-being

  • Identify and overcome obstacles causing you to plateau in your career

  • Consider new disciplines to support your vision and build expertise in them

  • Learn how to expand your creative network outside of your present community

  • Leverage and expand opportunities to propel you closer towards your dream

  • Create a strategic plan to up level your career

  • Learn how to get paid the true value of your work and fulfil your authentic creative and financial potential

Read what singer/songer Byron Gold says about working with Nicolette…

I’m a real over-thinker and I could see how it was creating destructive thoughts for me. Not only that, it was preventing me from pursuing/developing my solo music artist career.

Since working with Nicolette, I’ve re-gained self-confidence and rekindled my passion for what I do resulting in producing and releasing a new single together with finishing production on my new EP.

I feel worthy of what success the future holds for me and I now appreciate myself for the exceptionally talented music artist that I am.
— Byron Gold, Music Artist

Creative Management /Organisation

Creative Management/Organisations

You realise that a positive, open and kind work environment is essential for creative productivity and a growing bottom line.

If you’re a creative management company, for example a record label, casting agency, modelling agency or even a creative training school working with Nicolette can assist you in developing positive emotional well-being within your creative clients/students.

This can encourage a healthy, productive approach to work and a balanced perspective on your working relationship resulting in fulfilled commitments and inspired creative passions.

If you’re a creative organisation, for example, production company, ad/ agency working with Nicolette can assist your leadership team in appreciating the benefits and value of effective communication with their team members and others.

This can build a work culture that supports, respects and honours all limitations within creative teams or/and creative individuals developing a productive workforce.

Together this work will:

  • Increase productivity as a result of emotionally balanced team members/clients

  • Build honest and open working relationships between the team members and creative clients.

  • Create, develop and support positive and productive work cultures built on trust and kindness

  • Define clear and realistic behavioural boundaries for effective communication

  • Allow for mediation between team members within creative organisations and creative clients and management within management companies during contentious times

  • Allow for emotional crisis support where relevant

  • Support holistic personal development

Read what Beri Denais from CNBC says about working with Nicolette…

Nicolette joined our Ignite event @CNBC International in London and ran a fantastic interactive session to help our creatives “overcome procrastination.”

It was an absolute pleasure to attend Nicolette’s session!

Everyone left feeling very positive, empowered and inspired by her passion and enthusiasm.

Thanks again for everything Nicolette!”
— Beri Denais, EMEA HR Business Partner at CNBC International, London