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So What's Stopping You?

As a woman entrepreneur, how many times have you actioned a business task at the twelfth hour and then triumphantly declared that you work better under pressure? 

This is procrastination at its finest! Standing tall, proud and smug in its objective to delay you however it can.

So what is procrastination and why do we do it?  

The general definition is to ‘delay or postpone something’ and it turns out that we're really good at procrastinating for long term pleasure, for example a 10 year plan however amazingly bad at procrastinating for short term pleasure, for example checking emails and going on social media. 

We've become used to doing the small, low value and unimportant tasks first thinking that being busy means being productive and we’re often looking for perfection before we take action. Don't forget that the desire for perfection lives in fear. Fear of looking silly, of feeling embarrassed, being disappointed, ashamed, of being noticed, of failure, success, or perhaps a lack of funds.

When we live in fear we live in lack and we live small. When we live small we shrink our self worth to nothing until we have no or limited self belief. The mountain is more challenging to climb when you have little to hold on to. Know that procrastination occurs because of either fear or lack of self worth resulting in complete disempowerment.

What is it that you procrastinate most about during your business day? What if you could master procrastination and arm yourself against it? Notice I didn’t say eliminate because we'll always procrastinate because of the brain's instinctive drive towards survival. Left up to its own devices, the brain will always default to what is known as the Motivational Triad: seek pleasure, avoid pain and act efficiently.

According to the brain, when we have a task to do the most efficient way of getting it done..... is to do nothing. Resulting in much pleasure and no pain, job done!

As a woman entrepreneur, I bet you have your own idea of what success is. If it’s about moving forwards, there really is only one way to get there and that’s through positive action. Successful people take action in spite of their pains and without denying their fears. They learn to associate pain with taking NO ACTION and it becomes greater than the pain of TAKING ACTION where they'll  feel embarrassed, disappointed, ashamed etc. 

So, the brain's default to seek pleasure, avoid pain and act efficiently means that successful people would rather experience the negative emotions from action rather than from inaction. They’ve determined that there is more to lose when they don’t act.

Procrastination isn’t just about not doing what you need to do to move you forwards though. It’s also about the action you need to take to allow you to break free from what’s stopping you.
So what if you could override the redundant survival instinct of procrastination and plough on with vigour and bags of enthusiasm on all the tasks you usually dread and delay? 

Well you can! Lets start by asking this question, “What if I had taken action on my past procrastinations?” Can you even imagine what you might have moved towards. Keep imagining because no height is too high when you're soaring and it's all yours for the taking if you can grasp just a few facts first about procrastination.

Discover next week what you need to know about how our brain works and the 'how' of overriding procrastination.


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