A Woman Entrepreneur’s Biggest Asset

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What is your biggest asset in business?

Okay, there are numerous smart answers for this, some sarcastic, some whimsical. But, with all I know about the human body, I’d have to say …It’s your brain.

Don’t get me wrong … your heart is critical too. But, ultimately, it’s your ability to reason, communicate well, innovate and make valid judgements that will keep your business growing.

The problem is, that with stress and age, the frontal lobe — the control centre that affects memory, judgement and language — shows significant decline. The brain shrinks in volume, white matter decreases and nerve tracts shrivel.

How will you keep your brain alive and operating brilliantly? Two ways: Feed your brain and give it lots of oxygen.

#1 Breathe

According to Psychology Today, even though the brain only weighs approximately 3.5lbs, it consumes about 20% of the whole body’s oxygen.

That’s a phenomenal amount of oxygen consumption!

So how do we best oxygenate the brain? It's believed that breathing deeper than usual will result in more oxygen to the brain and lungs however this is not completely true. When we exhale more carbon dioxide than usual we eliminate too much from our cells causing blood vessels to constrict and resulting in a reduced blood flow to the brain.

So rather than taking massive breaths to increase oxygenation, see how you can incorporate conscious breathing into your everyday activities. Go for a walk, exercise and consciously breathe through your nostrils rather than your mouth to receive more oxygenated air.

#2 Feed Your Brain

Let’s make this super simple. Below are powerful brain foods. Get some of these into your diet every day. Mix it up!

For energy, incorporate the following. Remember: some is better than none!

High Proteins

We need protein to be able to communicate messages in the brain and the rest of the body. Consider eating these foods in the middle of the day to maintain alertness.

Non Starchy Vegetables

Non Starchy Vegetables 2

Non-starchy foods allow glucose to be released at a steady level so they’re perfect for diabetics.

Starchy Vegetables

Starchy foods tend to spike the blood sugar level and should be consumed moderately as part of a balanced diet.

For memory and brain sharpness eat..

Oily Fish

essential fatty acids

For brain cell protection, eat…

brain cell protection

I’ve found that the idea of nourishing my brain and giving my body everything it needs for top performance makes my business soar high every day.

How about you? 


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