The Key Qualities to Your Personal Creative Success - January Blog 3


Last week’s blog invited you to be curious about what you’re thinking and how you’re reacting to those thoughts in relation to your dreams and desires.

I asked you what signs and messages you’re ignoring or not acknowledging yet about your passions and dreams?

…And I suggested an action task that would spur you into doing just ONE thing to inch you closer towards them.

If you missed the last two blogs you can read them here.

So, how did you get on?

Some of you will have read the blog and then moved on to something else.

You’ll have done this for many belief reasons like, “I’m not creative enough, so it doesn’t apply to me” or “I’m way too busy to take this on now, maybe later” or “This isn’t for me but I’ll forward it on to ‘so and so’.”

Some of you will have totally been up for the task with thoughts of “I’ll definitely schedule time for this,” or “It’s like she read my mind” or “I’m so ready for this thinking time”.

Or maybe you thought something different….

Either way, if you left it alone and got on with your everyday tasks, you might not like to hear this but I’m afraid you’re falling back into the ordinary.

Remember that to succeed in your endeavours, you must be extra ordinary and the fact that you’re still reading this tells me that deep down you are.

It’s not about the glitches along the way that count because being extra ordinary will always mean doing things you definitely don’t want to or feel like doing.

So, if you didn't take action last week after reading my blog, I graciously extend another invitation for you to do so… and be extra ordinary.

What’s ONE something…. ONE anything that will take you a step closer towards your dreams and vision?

If you've automatically received this blog having subscribed to Embodied Entrepreneur’s mailing list previously or you've found me online through exploration, then chances are you have aspirations to not be like everyone else.

The average person gives into the mind’s need to stay safe and is seduced by the constant internal chatter that prevents us from self actualising.

Worse case scenario is finding yourself one of the 1 in 4 people in the UK who experience mental health complaints.

Did you know that the United Nations expects the world population to increase to more than 9 billion by 2050 and more than 11 billion by 2100?

Or that in 2015, The Independent reported that Brits spend 24 days a year procrastinating. That’s 11 hours a week with absolutely no positive action at all.

At the time, Londoners were guilty of 53 hours a month.

So, with an ever growing population and more technology around to distract us, do you really want to be part of a community that watches life slide by?

Chances are, you're curious. Curious of your capabilities. Curious of your success potential. Curious of your fears, your limited beliefs, your challenges. Curious of all the things your brain tells you to stay well away from. To keep you safe.

Chances are, you believe there's more to you than a mediocre existence.

…And that your mind can go and do one if it doesn’t step in line asap!!!

As Jan 2019 hits its midway point, something within you has been sparked and you're ready for more than your 2018 experiences.

In fact, you're ready to ‘bring it’ rather than hope and wait for it to be brought to you.

You’re ready to take action in spite of your concerns, niggles and doubts. You’re curious more than ever now and you want this feeling to last for more than the first three months of the year... for a change.

Am I right?

So what do you need to do?

Well, we’re getting closer to determining what the first quality needed for your personal creative success is and bringing awareness to it will definitely lead the way to taking confident action.

If you’re giving me your daily 5 minutes for YOU and also feel inspired to take action now then I’m majorly honoured.

Thank you for allowing me to walk beside you as you take responsibility for your life.

Catching yourself living ordinary right now?

Don’t worry because it’s still early days. We haven’t even unravelled the first necessary quality for personal creative success yet.

So be kind to yourself as your mind settles into old habits of the ordinary and battles with your belief that you’re more than you presently are.

It literally is you against your mind!

Enjoy the rest of your day and catch you next week when I’ll spell out what the first needed quality for personal creative success is.

I think we can agree that I’ve drip fed you long enough.

I love hearing from you so please do reach out and share how you’re getting on and what’s coming up for you.

You can comment below.