The Key Qualities to Your Personal Creative Success - January Blog 2


Last week, I put a proposal to you.

I invited you to honour yourself with a minimum of 5 minutes per day.

What did you decide?

If it was a yes, maybe this is one of those times this week.

I offered to support that time through my blog content and emails and I meant it.

So here's my second blog exploring the first key quality needed for your personal creative success.

Some of you have reached out since last week saying hi and asking questions.

It’s so lovely to hear from you especially as I know you’re mega busy. That’s a given when you’re on a journey to personal success.

So thanks for letting me know you’re there.

Now, before we delve into the first of the key qualities for your creative success, here's a major consideration for you.

It's been said that curiosity is the hallmark of creativity.

What's that got to do with your successes in life?

Well, curiosity takes you into unchartered territory thus igniting your fears, alerting your survival instincts and causing you to stay well away from anything new.

So, whenever you’re curious you’ll always be afraid.

You’ve got past experiences that will influence your present experiences and determine your view of the world.

Your brain needs certainty and it won't stop until it gets it.

That's why it’s easier to just not take action. It’s safe and satisfies the brains need to keep you safe.

To be honest, we're all creative but its depth depends on how curious we are.

Watch children as they explore and create.

It’s all directed by their curiosity however asking questions as a child is often frowned upon.

By the time you’re an adult, you’ve lost the desire to enquire and you’re more or less a clone of the society you’ve grown up in.

Children have a limited negative memory bank so they’re fearless.

How fearless could you be if you chose not to be controlled by your negative past experiences?

How close would you be to your creativity?

How close are you now?

Are you fearlessly practicing it or living in awe of it and watching from the sidelines?

I was telling you last week about my being scared of stepping away from my job in music production and that when you’re scared it’s your minds way of telling you to prepare for something.

Well, I didn't know it at the time but what was awaiting me was a full career in fitness and boy did I need to be prepared.

At one point it completely sucked me dry of energy and passion because too much success too soon can be like a spin dryer on high speed.

I hadn't yet learnt the power of delegation, letting go, values and trust.

That career lasted nigh on 20 years and even though there were challenging times within it, I have to say that it's become the foundation of where I’ve grown to today.

It’s taught me so much… mostly to never let go of your dreams and visions even if you’re still working it all out.

But I digress …. Back to being scared of leaving music production to explore opportunities within the fitness industry.

So, I knew there was more to me than the life I was living.

During this time, I’d previously qualified as an Aerobics Instructor and was fortunate enough to immediately be offered a teaching post at my local leisure centre once a week at weekends.

And that’s where I felt my heart flutter every time I taught outside of my daily job.

It’s where I felt I could contribute… make an impact… serve.

It’s where the dream began.

It was a feeling I eventually couldn’t ignore and the catalyst to me finding my confidence to resign from the day job.

So let me ask you something?

I was struck by a particular quality that allowed me to make a strong decision.

Can you work out what it was?

Is there a recurring sign that’s getting louder and brighter for you?

When did it start?

What’s the message it’s telling you?

Are you hearing but not listening?

Why might that be?

How different could tomorrow be if you did listen to it?

Take a moment to consider these questions because that's where your curiosity starts and your creativity grows its wings.

We’re getting closer to the first key quality needed for your personal creative success.

Before I reveal it, I invite you to consider the following action plan between now and next week.


What signs and messages are you ignoring or not acknowledging yet about your passions and dreams?

Share it with one person you can trust.

Then do just ONE something…. ONE anything that will take you a step closer towards that dream and vision.

Be accountable and take responsibility.

It’s your life… so own it!

I’d love to hear about what comes up for you so why not email me with what’s on your mind.

Catch you on the next blog as we get even closer to unravelling that first quality needed for your personal creative success.

Have you guessed it yet?