The Key Qualities to Your Personal Creative Success - January Blog 1


Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first of my weekly blogs in 2019 sharing the top key qualities needed for your personal creative success as inspired by the outstanding premier motivational speaker Brian Tracy and adapted by me, Nicolette Wilson-Clarke – Master Coach to Creativepreneurs.

My vision as a Master Coach to Creativepreneurs is to create an honest and open space for Creative Entrepreneurs to be who they are, create how they uniquely create and realise the power of their own minds.

Ultimately building unstoppable positive mental health, excellent well-being and the creative success they dream of.

What does personal creative success mean to you?

Each week, I’ll post a blog sharing what you need to know about the said quality that month and support your ability to take action on it until it becomes your default.

We’ll be stepping away from the average Jo/Joe and rising from a mediocre existence to a life of excellence and unstoppable personal power.

I know it sounds a bit Marvel-comic-book-superhero-like. A bit extra-ordinary but can I be honest with you?

That's how you've got to be in order to excel and create your own success.

Winston Churchill once said,

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.“

Life’s too short to be thinking otherwise and still be expecting high pay-off results.

You've got to be like a superhero... absolutely relentless and above ordinary.

Have you got people around you who give up at their first hurdle in life? The ones who give in to their fears and allow their minds to limit their dreams?

Or maybe that’s you?

When I use the word dreams, I mean anything that you really want but think is impossible. Otherwise it would be your reality, right?

When I use the word success, I refer to whatever it means to you. Remember, only you can determine and create it.

Now, I know you’re majorly busy getting on with your everyday commitments especially as the new year begins.

You want to get totally organised and I appreciate that reading non-business emails and thinking about yourself can get buried under the ‘things to do for others’ lists.

But how about you let 2019 run a different course this year?

How about you make a decision to give yourself at least a minimum of 5 minutes per day?

The maximum time is your choice but a minimum of 5 minutes commitment towards taking action…

For YOU.

Why 5 minutes? Well, research has shown that even short durations of focus on the task at hand can offer compounded results.

For example, short bursts of exercise throughout the day University of Utah can result in weight loss.

Or short breaks during the day Buffer can prevent boredom, increase your retention of knowledge thus driving creativity and help you re-evaluate your goals.

Not to mention a boost to your mental and physical well-being!

But I know you’re time-starved. Hence only 5 minutes.

Will it be a challenge for you?

What you do within that time is totally up to you of course, however if you accept, I’d love to metaphorically walk alongside you with my blog posts and emails to support your creative journey.

Perhaps you could use some of the time to read what I write or reach out if you get stuck.

So, what do you say?

Can you decide to give yourself a minimum of 5 minutes per day and spend it nourishing your mind… with me?

If you really push the boat out and allocate more time, how would you spend it once our time is done?

I think it sounds like a no brainer to be honest.

But that's for you to decide.

Time for you; a nourished mind; a chance of a new perspective on your creative life?

Let me know whether you’re in or not. Why not drop me a quick note by email or share your thoughts below. Feel free to pass this blog on to a fellow creative.

Catch you next week as we move closer towards determining the first key quality to your personal creative success.