Women entrepreneurs have a natural tendency to take on responsibility for everything including family, friends and household tasks.
Add your business on top of that and you are carrying a mighty weight.
If you want to soar higher you’ll have to drop a few sandbags.
How? Sleep more.
Do you spring out of bed ready to dominate your day? No? Chances are you’re not getting enough sleep.

As a woman entrepreneur you have to be tenacious, own your achievements and cultivate your ambitions. And then, there’s nurturing your home life too.
Here’s the thing … if you’re forever tired, stressed, hungry, coping with another headache, unable to productively concentrate, chasing your tail and have no work/life balance … then you’re heading for burnout and fast!

What is your biggest asset in business?
Okay, there are numerous smart answers for this, some sarcastic, some whimsical. But, with all I know about the human body, I’d have to say …
It’s your brain.
Don’t get me wrong … your heart is critical too. But, ultimately, it’s your ability to reason,