Woman Entrepreneur - Watch Out For The Thief of Your Dreams Pt 4

In this final procrastination blog, I'll share with you high payoff exercises that will serve you when procrastination rears its ugly head. Put them in your very own tool box for achieving and maintaining success and staying in personal power...

Woman Entrepreneur - Watch Out For The Thief of Your Dreams Pt 3

The other thing to consider beautiful woman entrepreneur when you find yourself procrastinating is to deliberately step away from the fear response of fight, flight or freeze and move into a much calmer state thus activating the parasympathetic nervous system....

Women Entrepreneurs on Steroids (Not Really!)

Women entrepreneurs have a natural tendency to take on responsibility for everything including family, friends and household tasks.
Add your business on top of that and you are carrying a mighty weight.
If you want to soar higher you’ll have to drop a few sandbags.
How? Sleep more.
Do you spring out of bed ready to dominate your day? No? Chances are you’re not getting enough sleep.

The Companion That Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs

As a woman entrepreneur you have to be tenacious, own your achievements and cultivate your ambitions. And then, there’s nurturing your home life too.
Here’s the thing … if you’re forever tired, stressed, hungry, coping with another headache, unable to productively concentrate, chasing your tail and have no work/life balance … then you’re heading for burnout and fast!

A Woman Entrepreneur’s Biggest Asset

What is your biggest asset in business?
Okay, there are numerous smart answers for this, some sarcastic, some whimsical. But, with all I know about the human body, I’d have to say …
It’s your brain.
Don’t get me wrong … your heart is critical too. But, ultimately, it’s your ability to reason,