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I’m Nicolette and thank you so much for visiting Embodied Entrepreneur.

You may already know that being a creativepreneur can be a lonely journey.

Everyday you’re stepping into unknown territory and encountering confusing challenges that often rock your world.

Challenges like:

- Enjoying solitude during creative moments however wanting people to feed off

- Desiring connection with others however not feeling fully understood

- Needing to focus on creation however also a need to be responsible for a family, a day job or/and friends

- Feelings of fear, failure and fraud because the inner vision is not yet aligned with the outer reality

- A desire for being nurtured, mentored or/and coached however not truly resonating with much of the support experienced

You might be choreographing, writing, producing, creating or designing.

Chances are this generates much uncertainty and doubt for realising your dreams. Being a creativepreneur means you’re on a road less travelled, you’re unique and you think outside the box. The result is that you continually question your decision-making abilities.

Can you make a living from your creativity? This question alone elicits fear and you feel anxious when you think the dream might not happen.

How does this affect your mental health?

Latest research shows that 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem every year.

Being a creativepreneur is no exception. In fact, it actually increases your chances because you’re unconventional by nature. Thinking outside the box can mean risk. Risk can mean uncertainty. Uncertainty can mean heart wrenching fear leading to anxiety, stress and depression. These are common symptoms of negative mental health.

All resulting in unrealised dreams, scuppered visions and unfulfilled living.

Is this where you find yourself today? Or can you see it looming on the horizon if you don’t make some change?

Embodied Entrepreneur is a coaching and consulting service that offers you, as the creativepreneur the much needed mental space to explore the unknown and bring clarity to the how of making your impossible, possible.

If you’re new to coaching, coaching is a process that unlocks your true potential, develops your performance, improves your focus and facilitates your self-learning. It assists you with accepting the past, being present in the ‘now’ and embracing the unknown future with grace and courage. All non-judgmentally and usually one-one.  

Whether your obstacles are self-sabotaging behaviours, psychological or emotional concerns, a lack of confidence and belief in who you are, a desire to please others or maybe even diminishing day-to-day resilience, Embodied Entrepreneur can be your reassuring compass.

Together, we strip away self-doubt, fears, excuses and other blockages preventing action and build your creative vision with balance and boundaries.

Embodied Entrepreneur is mind-management and a solution provider just like a doctor offers healing through medicine. Embodied Entrepreneur offers a space for dreaming and taking focused action through person-centred coaching.

After all, what you focus on becomes your reality.

So, are you challenged with:

  • trusting your problem-solving abilities?

  • confidently building your decision-making skills?

  • shifting from creative block to proactive thought?

  • unravelling the plethora of creations in your head?

  • developing a clear vision, realistic objectives and unattached timelined goals/intentions ?

  • quieting your fear of the possibility of failure and replacing it with an understanding that failure is merely learning, part of the success journey and ultimately your decision?

  • reducing the paralysing voices of self-doubt to a whisper and understanding that they’re only there to keep you safe? So you don’t have to listen to them.

  • producing daily motivations that are created, determined and driven by you?

  • mental and physical balance that starts from the minute you wake up in the morning to the minute you switch off at night - everyday?

  • living your creative life on your terms?

If you are and are also fed up with finishing each day as though it never started, with doubting the dreams that feel so real in your mind’s eye and with watching other people fulfilling their dreams as you stand by in the wings, then why not reach out right now to explore how Embodied Entrepreneur can assist you in fulfilling your dreams as a fully embodied creativepreneur.

Click on the link below to chat with Nicolette.

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What the client says

“The experience has been really motivating and shown me how looking at things in a different way can make such an impact on your life. Coaching with Nicolette has really turned things around for me and she has a real talent for asking the right questions.”

Zoe Evans, Creative Entrepreneur


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What the client says

“Nicolette joined our Ignite event @CNBC International in London and run a fantastic interactive session to help our people "overcome procrastination".

It was an absolute pleasure to attend Nicolette's session! Everyone left feeling very positive, empowered and inspired by her passion and enthusiasm.

Thanks again for everything Nicolette!”

Beri Denais, EMEA HR Business Partner at CNBC International

Our Services

Embodied Entrepreneur offers the support that Nicolette believes is presently neglected from within the creative industry. An impartial and professional ear solely dedicated to offering clarity, strategy and empowering ways of thinking for the creativepreneur.

Embodied Entrepreneur is a nonjudgmental ally that only has the creativepreneur’s best interest at heart.

Meet Nicolette

Nicolette’s desire to support the minds and bodies of creative entrepreneurs began when she was given the opportunity to work with the bodies of young performing arts students at a musical theatre school in London over 10 years ago.

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