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Like you, I’ve lived the turbulent journey of manifesting my entrepreneurial vision.

Fear of failure, chaotic energy levels, feelings of powerlessness and the self-sabotaging responses to daily wins and challenges can take their toll … but only if you let them.


How can you, as a women entrepreneur, build reserves of mental and physical strength and learn to tap into them, as you forge your career, without tapping out?

My well-being practice began when I joined a circuit class 25 years ago. I drew deep satisfaction from the physicality and after effects. My body grew lithe, stable and grounded. My energy expanded. My skin glowed.

And I soon realized that because of my continued well-being practice, joy and certainty were never far from me.

That sparked an old desire to teach. Soon, I was insatiably soaking up the goodness of fitness, personal training, dance, Pilates, Yoga and Coaching certifications. I began to develop my own unique methods to stimulate circulation, improve muscle tone, and develop mindfulness. I was voted Health and Well-being Coach of the Year by the recognised coaching body Association of Professional Consultants, Trainers and Coaches.

My classes filled up and a steady stream of opportunities like teaching yoga abroad, consulting during pre-production of stage performances and working with dancers’ bodies came to me.

During this time, I presented a health and fitness radio show for 4 years at Playvybz online radio station and currently I’m the voice of Healthy Wandsworth on Wandsworth Radio, London.

Here’s the ultimate truth I’ve discovered… if you want to soar high as a woman entrepreneur, change the world for the better and earn well … you need to prioritize your well-being. Find your unique way to a daily practice that reignites your confidence, sustains your courage and maintains your mental clarity.

Turn your mind and body into a reliable friend that helps you succeed instead of holding you back. Let me show you how.

I’ve created Embodied Entrepreneur to help women entrepreneurs stay focused, powerful and balanced in mind and body so they can soar high in their business everyday.

Want to play in that bigger game of life? Let’s talk! Tell me a bit about you here. Then, get on my calendar here. I can’t wait to hear about your vision for your life and business!