The Companion That Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs

As a woman entrepreneur you have to be tenacious, own your achievements and cultivate your ambitions. And then, there’s nurturing your home life too.
Here’s the thing … if you’re forever tired, stressed, hungry, coping with another headache, unable to productively concentrate, chasing your tail and have no work/life balance … then you’re heading for burnout and fast!
There is a quick solution to all of this.
It’s often taken for granted and completely under-valued. But it will wash away your foggy brain, reduce your tiredness, return your glowing complexion, put a sparkle back into your dull eyes, revive your ability to concentrate and bring back the positive outlook on life.
What is the solution?
It’s literally right at your fingertips … water!
If you completely digest this empowering news you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t make water your daily companion a long time ago.

Water = Focus + Power + Balance

Our brain alone is made up of 70% water so no wonder we can’t focus when we’re dehydrated. Water:
Aids digestion
Burns fat
Regulates body temperature
Carries nutrients and energy to muscles
Cushions organs
Eliminates waste and toxins
If you’re dehydrated, it’s a strain to think, talk, act and combat stress.
So how much is enough?
Ideally, you’d take into account your body weight, height, activity level, gender and where you live. Here’s a handy calculator. Note: You can adjust units by clicking the gear.

A rough guide is 8 x 8 or eight 8-ounce glasses per day. But that’s a minimum. For optimal performance drink more.
Did you know? Water helps to satiate hunger. Many times when we feel hungry we’re actually thirsty.

Tea and Coffee = Dehydration

Even though tea and coffee include water, caffeine actually causes the body to lose water and induces dehydration.
Imagine … if you drink three 16-ounce caffeine drinks you have, you need 6 more 8oz glasses of water on top of the usual 8 to stay hydrated. That’s 14 glasses of water!

The Smart Brain, Healthy Body Water Regime

1.Upon Waking: Drink a large glass of warm or room temperature water with a slice of lemon for a refreshing zing.
2.Breakfast Time: Drink another glass of water with breakfast. Consider, weaning yourself off tea and coffee, or for each caffeinated drink you consume, add in two more glasses of water to rehydrate your mind and body.
3.Morning Snack Time: Have a glass of water with a dash of herbal aloe juice to soothe digestion.
4.Lunch Time: Consider eating soup or add another glass of water before your meal.
5.Afternoon Snack Time: A mid-afternoon glass of water keeps the blues away and boosts energy. Add lemon for zing.
6.Dinner Time: While preparing your evening meal, drink a glass of water and snack on some crunchy fresh vegetables.
7.Post Dinner Time: Drink herbal tea.
8.Bed Time: Have your final glass of water and enjoy a good night’s sleep! Yes, initially you’ll need more nightly toilet trips but that will reduce as your body adjusts to being fully hydrated.

Make This a Business Goal
Treat your hydration-for-better-performance goal like any other business initiative. Set your goal, track your performance, and watch your results.
You’ll be amazed at how much energy you’ll have once you reach the 4th week of improved hydration.

A Word of Gratitude:
If you’re reading this, chances are that you are to be able to turn your tap on every day and receive clean running water to use how you wish. How blessed are you?


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